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Related article: Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 17:35:52 -0500
From: brian D.
Subject: extra credit, part 2the following is the second installment in a story that i have written.
sorry that it took so long but this one is longer and better than the last
but it isn't the end of the story. i maxwells models teen started it and had this part done when
i experienced computer problems and lost everything and im jsut now able to
go back to it. this story is fictional but has characters based naked sex models on real
people. otherwise it's purely fiction. if you're under 18 or dont approve
of this then dont read it, blah blah blah, standard disclaimer bullshit.
that said, enjoy.I returned to Mr. Johncour's room at the end of the day, not sure if I
should expect him half naked behind his desk with his cock out. As the
other students were leaving I found my way to his room. I approached the
closed door, and as I opened it, I found him at his desk, fully clothed,
clicking away on his sandra russian model computer. "Hey Steve," he said as I entered the room.
"What's up?" I asked unsurely, suggesting that we continue with our previous
actions. "You know where the Wanser hotel is?" he asked. missy teen models
"Yea, right on the
outskirts of town, up I-15," I replied. He handed me a slip of paper. "Be
there," he said. "I'll make it worth your while." I opened it up. Room 36,
7:30 was scribbled on it. "See you then," he said. "Yea, see you." I
turned and left the room, happy that this would still happen but not in
school. It was a Friday night and I had no plans, so it would work out
great. I went home and did some homework before getting starting to get
ready about 6:30. I took a shower, shaved, and put on a nice outfit
including a surprise underneath my Abercrombie jeans. Now smelling great, I
went down the stairs and headed for the front door, telling my mom I'd be
back later, and with that I was on my way. It took me about 20 minutes to
get there, my cock getting hard on and off again thinking about the
possibilities for tonight. I got to the hotel, a cheaper place. It had two
floors. I found the room, located on the lower floor. Mr. Johncour's car
was parked outside of it already. I parked next to him. Getting out of the
car and locking it up, I approached the door, and much like when I went to
his room earlier, I was unsure what to expect, if I'd see him naked on the
bed when I walked in. However, much like last time, I opened the door to
see him sitting there at the provided coffee table, fully clothed. I shut
the door behind me. "Well, let's do this," he said getting up from the
table. He kicked off his shoes, and I did the same. "I'm going to take a
shower," he said. "You can join me or not, but teen poolside models if not be ready when I'm
done." With that he turned to the bathroom, taking of his shirt as he went.
Once in the bathroom, I heard the jingle of his belt buckle followed by
the sound of pants dropping to the floor. I really wanted to join him but
decided against it. I moved to see his reflection in the bathroom mirror,
watching him as he took off a pair of skimpy grey boxer briefs. For forty
years old, he really did have a great body. All I saw was his back and bare
ass as he entered the shower and closed the curtain. He started the water,
which broke my trance. I sat on the bed a few minutes, thinking about what
to do. Finally I decided how I would surprise him. I began to strip,
taking of my socks. My collared shirt followed along with my tight under
shirt. Undoing my jeans they fell to the floor after a little wriggling,
leaving me in what I hope would have turned him on; a dark blue g-string,
that barely covered my package. My cock began to harden again as I thought
of him in the shower and the events that were about to unfold, making my
g-string that much more tight and uncomfortable. I stood up, looking around
the room, anxious for him to finish. It was then when I noticed a small jar
of Vaseline on the table. I started to wonder why he might have brought
that, but my attention was quickly snapped by the sound of water being shut
off in the shower. Now it was time to put my plan into action. I again
stood to see his reflection in the mirror. He got out of the shower,
grabbing a towel. I moved to the doorway of the bathroom where I watched
him dry off, his chest first, which was still thin tiny model child for a man of his age,
followed by his la models amanda midsection and then his legs. His cock was enlarged and
hanging quite heavily, nearly full sized but far from erect, hanging over
his slightly firm sack. As got to his feet, I decided to get his tiny model child attention.
"Ready when you are," I said. He looked up and then stood up, a smile on
his face, as I proceeded to leave the doorway back to the bedroom. I went
and sat at the table, my cock now becoming obvious in my tight clothes. He
followed me out shortly, the towel wrapped around la models amanda his waist. I thought this
a bit comical, but also very erotic. He stood in front of me, his dick
clearly beginning to harden underneath the towel but not yet at full mast.
Now was a better time than any. I leaned forward, pushing the towel apart,
his manhood now all out in front of me. I admired his package a few seconds
before leaning a little more forward and taking it into my mouth. I sucked
on the head a bit before beginning to bob on it, taking a little more in
each time. After the kid modeling school ebony fitness model second intake he undid the towel and dropped it to the
floor, allowing me to enjoy his beauty. This lasted shortly though. After
a few minutes, he stopped me, withdrawing from my mouth. "Why don't you lie
on the bed?" he asked. "Ok," I said, a bit confused. I went around and
climbed onto the bed, my head slightly propped up by the pillows. My own
hard on was raging, trying to pry its way out of the small confinements I
had put it in. He stood at the kids model galery foot of the bed, his dick now raging.
Looking at me with hungry eyes, he crawled onto the bed and towards me on
all fours. He wanted to suck me off? Well, I wasn't one to argue. I
opened my legs for him to crawl up the middle, my knees high in the air. I
giggled a little at the sight of my teacher and football coach crawling
towards me, totally naked, for him to suck me off. He rubbed my lower body
a bit, before tugging at the waistbands of my sling. He pulled them down my
thighs slowly, up over knees and to my ankles before finally pulling them
off and tossing them to the floor. I set my legs down as he came forward.
He began to lick my nipples and chest, my cock against his abdomen. He
moved down my chest to my stomach, down to my waist to my crotch area. He
licked and sucked my inner thigh before finally getting to my crotch,
teasing my cock as he licked the area around it. He sucked on my nut sack,
moving up to the base of my cock. His face now on top of my crotch, and it
was soon buried in it. I'm not as big as he is, but I'm not small either.
With one fell swoop my entire seven and a half inches was deep into his
mouth, and I felt the tip of my cock swabbing the back of his throat and he
sucked it in again and again, never taking less than all of it in. In less
than ten minutes adelina model nude I could already feel my come swelling inside my body. He
had started out slowly but was now moving at a much quicker pace. I began
to thrust with him, forward when he went down, pulling out when he went up.
I put my hand nonude hardcore models
on his head, rubbing it through his hair. Using my feet,
which were by his crotch, I played with his rock hard erection which was
often pressed hard against the bed because of its size. I rubbed his shaft
with my foot a little, as well as his large sack. After a few minutes of
this, I could feel my body getting ready to explode. "I'm going to come," I
said between sharp breaths. Moving faster than ever now, I could feel my
load shooting up my shaft towards the tip. I gave one last and final thrust
before my climax. "Get ready," I exclaimed. Suddenly, he pulled off, and
just as quickly he grabbed my cock as it was about to explode, jerking me to
climax. He sat back and gave it half a jerk when I exploded, covering me,
the bed, and mostly him. Shooting forward, I managed to get a nice amount
on his chest. I continued pumping, getting more on the bed and myself.
Sitting on his knees at the foot of the bed, he grabbed his pec, smearing
what was there on his body a little. I sat up on my knees now, ready and
eager to return the favor. Having just received the best oral I'd ever
gotten, I wanted to do a good job. His cock still rock hard, but mine
slowly going little model topsite
soft again, I leaned forward much like I had at the table
earlier. Leaning back, he braced himself as I began to lick his chest. I
had never tasted my own come before, but it didn't naked chinese models taste much different than
anyone else's. I smeared it on his body, as well as a little on mine. His
giant cock was now pointing upwards a little, somewhat resting on his right
leg. I made my way to it and took the head into my mouth, sucking on it
slowly. Unlike him I was not as good at deep throating. I began taking it
in slowly, an inch at a time. Bobbing slowly, 16yo models nude
I got 15 model schoolgirl my way to ebony fitness model probably
about seven and a half inches, my own length, before I couldn't take in
anymore. Now that I was at my limit I began moving faster, and he began to
thrust with me. After about 15 minutes though, he stopped me, pulling out
of my mouth. "What?" teennaked hot model I asked. "I'm just wondering," he said slyly. "Are you
feeling...adventurous?" "What do you mean?" I responded, sandrateenmodel child puzzling. He
notioned towards the jar of Vaseline I had noticed earlier. "You want to do
anal?" I said, surprised. "It's not like its something you haven't done
before." Wow, he really had seen a lot with me and Tyler. While we
frequented in the showers, we had only done anal a few times. "I better get
an A for this," I grumbled, backing off from him on the bed. "I'll take
care of you," he said. He sprung up from the bed to the table, and I once
again got a chance to admire his older yet in-shape body and huge cock that
nearly knocked everything over as he walked. He climbed back into bed. I
turned around, now on all fours in a doggy-style position. He crawled
towards me on his knees, the jar in one hand and a bunch of sandrateenmodel child the goo in the
other. He began to spread it all over my ass, mostly around my hole and in
the crack, but on some the cheek area too. He took out more to do himself,
but I interrupted. "Let me," I said, taking it from his hand. Twisted
around and with it covering my hand, I grabbed his cock midway down the
shaft, covering it with the lube. I ran up and down the shaft several times,
careful to get the head as well. Once I was done, I turned back around.
"Ready?" he asked. "As I'll ever be." He placed his hands on my ass,
pulling my cheeks apart for his monster cock. My dick was now beginning to
swell again, getting longer and firmer but not entirely hard. I felt the
tip of his dick penetrate and slide into me. It hurt a little, kind of like
my first time. He was three inches longer and a lot wider than who I was
used to. He slid it about half way in at first before withdrawing. He
started thrusting slowly, fitting more and more in each time. "Well, you've
definitely had experience," he said. "You're not as tight as some of the
other boys I've had." This got me to thinking who else could pantie models
have done
this, but I soon found myself not worrying about it as he began to plunge
into me entirely. It was still a little painful but it also felt so good.
He gripped my lower back on both sides, pulling me into him as he began to
thrust a little faster now. This lasted several minutes as he continually
picked up the pace. He started moaning with each thrust. My cock had now
reached full strength again amidst all of this. His hands moved down to my
upper thighs, his fingers sometimes touching my goods in all the movement.
He began to moan louder now as I began grunting as well. Our bodies moved
in unity, away and then together, away and then together. I could feel
myself slowly working up to climax again. He pulled me into him harder and
harder each time as we both moaned in pleasure. Suddenly the pace slowed
drastically. He nearly screamed as he rammed into me, and I presumed he was
about to come as I was. No longer moving on my will, he withdrew and rammed
again, even harder this time, before giving it one last and final oomph. I
squirted on the bed below me, well over excited from everything as he sighed
and stopped thrusting. He was completely inside of me now, the both of us
breathing hard. He withdrew for good this time, sitting back on the bed,
his cock covered in all sorts of stuff. I got up, the Vaseline feeling
weird but good in my ass, and got the box of tissues. I re-approached the
bed with a few in hand, cleaning pantie models
him off as best I could. pantie models He took a few
himself after I had finished before getting off the bed, his cock still
large but shrinking. "How long did you rent this room for?" I asked. "All
night," he told me as he started to slide back into his underwear. I wanted
to be the one to dress him but that appeared out of the question. "I'm
leaving, but you can have it." He slid into his khaki pants, pushing
himself in once around his waist. I stood there watching him, still naked,
trying to decide what I would do, which would be invite friends over and use
it. I had a good opportunity here. Now fully dressed, he tiny model child looked at me as he
straightened his shirt. He reached out and played with my cock a bit before
saying, "Anytime you need extra credit..." to which I replied, "Of course,"
before he slipped out the door.
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Nn lingerie models

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